Ettan Restaurant


The brainchild of founder Ayesha Thapar and designed by nationally recognized Interior Designer Thomas Schoos (Morimoto, Tao, Herringbone, Seersucker),worked closely to create a visual language that strongly defines the ETTAN experience. Vintage elements with a contemporary sensibility; combine with eclectic elements of California industrial chic to create a deconstructed elegance that is casual by day and sexy by night. Indigo, steeped in history and tradition, is the the main accent color. High ceilings, exposed brick walls, decorative tiles, hanging plants and greenery - plus a one-of-a-kind textured glass dome roof - are distinctive details of the design. The space is an eclectic mix of textures and materials with distressed wood floors, concrete tables, copper accents, french windows, antique entry door, a diverse mix of chandeliers, metal fretwork fences and rustic stone urns will create a universal ambience that is stimulating and cohesive.


The restaurant is divided into the ground floor (2500 Sq. Ft.), a double height mezzanine (1500 Sq. Ft.) and a wrap around patio ($1500 Sq. Ft.). The ground floor has the main bar and restaurant dining area. The mezzanine - with its own dedicated bar - is predominantly to be used for private parties and corporate events, as well as restaurant overflow on busy days. The patio can serve both as a dining space and as a lounge bar area for private events or regular dining as well as happy hour. The entire layout of the restaurant has been designed to be extremely versatile allowing tables to be separated or combined in different ways depending upon the needs of various parties. Below are the layouts for the


Schoos Design is responsible for some of the leading restaurants and hospitality projects in the industry. Their unique approach of combining nature, texture and functionality provides one of a kind environments, paying homage to comfort and luxury.

Their approach in Ettan was to evoke the senses through color, texture and pattern while staying true to some of the deep rooted heritage found in Indian culture. The indigo colors and textures hint to a past of the raw, natural process of textile dyeing that was cultivated ion the region. Combining these elements, with more refined details, creates a truly sophisticated yet welcoming space, a home away from home, complimenting the culinary experience that awaits.


Ayesha hand picked the three artists featured at Ettan. They were all artists that she has a deep personal connection with in some form. The wooden box art of Ramachandran, her fourth such work, was commissioned especially for Ettan in the color palette and theme of the restaurant. Rohit Chawla photographed Ayesha 15 years ago and they have been friends since, Wanderlust was her favorite series of his works and also features in her home. Gautam a close friend, had photographed her real estate projects in India, and had subsequently done the corporate calenders with street scapes of Indian cities. His gritty yet artistic street scape's of Kolkata and Delhi live on the walls of her home, office, and now restaurant, a reminder of the cities she grew up in that have shaped her sense of self.



A young artist in his forties, Ramachandran is in the forefront of promising artists in the country. He was one of the recipients of the prestigious Charles Wallace scholarship award given to young artists to further their education . He chose to pursue his graphic skill education in Edinburgh Scotland, which opened his mind to ideas and techniques that are reflected in his works today. Using technology to combine wood craft, graphic imagery with his studio skills he has created his own visual vocabulary.

Using a carved wooden box with windows to reflect the many faces and sides of the urban universe, he creates a three dimensional structure that speaks through the juxtaposition of his visual construct. His use of graphic imagery from newspapers and media, intermingled with common objects in provocative ways aims to deconstruct and question the influences and prejudices of his audience. With a story, a shock or a smile in every box, his works are both deeply engaging and interactive.


Rohit Chawla is a portraitist with a body of iconic imagery shot over nearly four decades that straddles fashion, travel, and culture. His celebrated work, capturing deeply telling images of some of the most powerful individuals from the world of literature, film, sport, business, and politics, has featured on over 350 covers for the mainline media.

The striking visuals on view at Ettan are from his celebrated and sought-after ‘Wanderlust’ series, that were the consequence of Rohit's living with the fascinating nomadic Rabari tribes in Kutch for over 6 months. While on the surface, his visuals display the striking sartorial style of the tribes people, featuring their remarkable textile and embroidery, he also shines a powerful light on their underlying fortitude and resilience, an essential to survive in the trying conditions of their homeland.


Gautam Vir Prashad is a photographer born in India and raised in northern California. His landscape and street photography are a unique look into the vastness that is contemporary India. Arriving in India after almost 30 years in California, Gautam went about capturing life as he saw it, in all its raw and gritty beauty. His work represents that very ethos, that beauty and life is all around. When looking at this collection, Gautam would like the viewer to experience the dramatic diversity that is India, the people, the places, which may seem different at first but in essence resonate a similarity that unites Indians in its complexity and variance.

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