“Best Outdoor Dining Bay Area” San Francisco Chronicle

The brainchild of founder Ayesha Thapar, Ettan seeks to create a visual language that uniquely defines its dining experience. The result is an internationally recognized design aesthetic that was one of only 3 restaurants in the United States to win the prestigious 2021 BLT Built Design awards.

The space is an eclectic mix of textures and materials with distressed wood floors, concrete tables, copper accents, french windows, an Instagram-worthy antique entry door, plus a one-of-a-kind textured glass dome roof being distinctive details of the design. Vintage elements with a contemporary sensibility combine with eclectic California industrial chic to create a deconstructed elegance that is casual by day and sexy by night.

Indigo, steeped in India’s history and tradition, is the main accent color. Decorative tiles, hanging plants, commissioned artworks by some of India’s best known contemporary artists ( see below) and a diverse mix of much-photographed chandeliers, metal fences, and rustic stone urns combine to create a universal ambiance that has proven to be stimulating and welcoming to a wide variety of delighted diners.